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portable devices work seamlessly. >> using standard voice over technologies ill it allows you to hook radios into the infrom a structure. >> there are 300 volunteers going through specialized training. cisco won't say how much money is involved except to say lending a helping hand is priceless. >> breezy point neighborhood in queens new york almost burned down. howling winds blew flames from house to house. the fire storm destroyed at least 80 homes. it took 200 firefighters 12 hours to contain the blaze. no serious injuries were reported and no word on what caused this fire. >> snow continues to fall in west virginia. a floot footh reported in lower elevations. the blizzard left 250,000 people without power. many roads and highways are closed. one death from a storm snow is falling on the tennessee-north carolina border, as far as maryland. >> the storm keeping both presidential campaigns on the campaign trail. instead, former president clinton campaigned on mr. obama's behalf where' tacked mitt romney's position on climate change. >> he ridiculed the president for his efforts to fig
's next. >> thank you. also ahead, a new technology that will keep you off the treadmill. a new way for your >> halloween is this week and there is plenty to do. we have other comprehensive list of events happening all over the bay area at we've also whiled the events this are kid-friendly. and we would like to see your halloween photos. you can e-mail those to ureport at@kgo >> might have a few soggy photos. >> certainly. and rain loin will fizzle out but that's wednesday. as we head outside right now, the sun up at 7:32. nice and pretty out there. 10 hours 43 minutes of day light. while we are nice is quiet here, the weather above normal once again. today is the armest day out of the next seven. taking you back to the east covelet where hurricane sandy is a minimal hurricane katrina goer 1 at 75 miles an hour, it continues to move parallel to the southeastern coast of the united states. we are looking at this at about almost 400 miles south of new york city. but you have heard the impacts from the delaware, maryland, washington, new york, all the way up throu
a little. rain is in the forecast. i'll spell it out coming up. >> r-a-i-n. >> a new technology that will keep you off >> welcome back, everyone. this is a live look at the jersey shore. we are seeing the intense, immense pounding waves and heavy winds as hurricane sandy begins roaring northeastern. so far more than 3,000 flights have been cancelled nationwide in preparation for this hurricane. tonight the giants will try to conclude their magical season in detroit. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is in detroit. he ran into some giants fans who have a very personal connection to the team. >> we found them in a hotel lobby looking at old pictures of a certain favorite player who always wanted to be a giant. >> i knew he was a good athlete when he was real young. >> we always told him if you are good, everybody will know you are good so you don't go around patting yourself on the back. >> does the kid look familiar yet? >> my son is brandon belt. >> so is her son-in-law. >> he was cute when he was a little boy. >> for darryl and their inlaws, this is a world series experience th
with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >>> klansman, do you accept the light? >> reporter: the grand dragon steven howard leads his fellow klansmen in that notorious ceremony. >> do you accept the light? >> i accept this light. >> reporter: it is legal, done here in the woods on private property. it is ten years in federal prison if done on a black family's lawn to intimidate them. >> klansman, for mississippi. >> for mississippi! >> klansmen, for america. >> for america! >> klansmen, behold the fiery cross, still brilliant, all the troubled history failed to quench its flame. let me say that the cross is an inspiration, a sign of the christian religion, a symbol of faith, hope and love. we do not burn but light the cross to signify that christ is the light of the world. white power. >> white power! >> white power! >> reporter: as the fiery cross is reduced to a few sparking embers, the members leave the clearing and head back to the trailer
in 2009 officials say improved technology can help problem solving and crime prevention efforts. >> election is next week. there is a hot button initiative to decide whether they want to tax themselves in order to feed the animals at the oakland zoo. >> supporters say it's a matter of simple economics in order to take care of tigers or monkeys the zoo needs more money. >> to operate the zoo. to provide educational programs and make sure this stay as fordable to all elements of the community. >> it would impose a parcel tax on residential properties, $72 per nonpresident den yil parcel. >> we'll be looking at a three story center office, restaurant, gift shop. >> but opponents say it's not at all about the care and feeding of bears and other animals. but rather about the zoo's planned expansion into what is now the open spaces of the park. >> the measure is written there are large loophole as louing for money to be used for expansion. >> zoo officials insist none of the money would go to fund the expansion, it's going ahead even if the measure fails.. >> california project was ap
to identify and locate a gunshot through sensors triggered by is on the. east palo alto has had technology since 2009. the improved technology will be used to help the police depend's investigation and crime prevention efforts. >>> next, our coverage of the giants' parade continues. >> here's a live look outside now at howard and stewart where -- near where the parade route begins live team coverage of the route, finish, start, all you want to know, coming up. >>> later, we continue our coverage of superstorm sandy, the overnight fire on the jersey shore. look at this and the storm damage preventing firefighters from responding to it. >> this fire started two days ago, was out and
technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >>> it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, is here in new york, which we love. >> good morning, guys. i've been thinking about you. let's start with "pop news," shall we? the amazing spider-man -- peter parker has his eyes on his next villain. according to reports, the bad guy could be jamie foxx. he ignited the casting votes early by dressing up as electrofor halloween last week. it could be a cool toy. >>> fans of "beverly hills 90210" who wanted to see jennie garth get together with luke. her former on-screen boyfriend wants to play wingman. offering to hook her up with some of his friends. still wish they would get together. >> i agree. >> i agree. >> ron has been coming down to my office and talking my ear off. >> dan is much more of a brandon fan. >> guys, we know it's holiday season when oprah winfrey announces her annual favorite things. a few must-haves on the list, some of the products that made the cut, include this pajama se
. >> all right. little ahead, a new technology that will keep you off the treadmill a new way for your >> welcome back. 5:4*6 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our roof cam showing you some of the buildings in san francisco's financial district, which are lit up with orange, celebrating the giants as they make that final push to win the world series. let's remind you, you can watch this game tonight, which could be the deciding game, previewing on giants' screens in front of san francisco's civic center. the game starts at 5:07. lisa says the weather should be nice for outdoor viewing. in the upper 60s tonight. >>> a new technology developed here in the bay area could save thousands of patients from having unnecessary tests for heart disease. it could also help doctors pinpoint those with the highest risk. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has a look. >>> normal breaths for now. >> richard was a few strokes from the green when a strange feeling interrupted his round of golf. he knew he was uncomfortable but the symptoms were vague. >> i got a burning
of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter. >>> lot more roundtable coming up after this from our abc stations. from our abc stations. ♪ who are you >>> 330,000 people. i created jobs in america. i ran a business. i see what's going on today and i'm frightened to death. >>> we have republicans trying to redefine rape. if you think that this election won't affect you and your life, think again. >> families had received letters from president obama that were not personalized. they were form letters. a family sacrifice a child and you choose to send a form letter to them. >> mr. romney, it's about policy. >> for us it's about defending our country. >> our freedom. >> but to trust you as commander in chief, i don't think so. >> i don't think so. >> as a veteran, i don't think so. >> sampling of the ads being run all over the country. by the candidates, allieallies. >>> we're back with the roundtable. let's take a look at the closing arguments of the campaigns right now. george, yo
brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more than leading sonic technology brushes for a superior clean. oral-b power brushes. go to for the latest offers. >>> it's "pop news." and our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, is here in new york, which we love. good morning. >> so good to see you guys. been thinking about you guys. just wanted you to know that. let's start with "pop news," shall we? the amazing spider-man sequel it doesn't swing its way into theaters in 2014. but it seems already peter parker has his eyes on his next villain. according to reports, the bad guy could be jamie foxx. the oscar-winner ignited the casting buzz further with this tweet, by dressing up as electro for halloween last week. it could be a cool toy. >>> fans of "beverly hills 90210" who wanted to see jennie garth and luke perry get together in real life has have been disappointed. her former on-screen boyfriend wants to play wingman. offering to hook her up with some of his friends. still wish they should get together. >> i agree. >> i agree
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technology shares from slumping as americans prepare for election day. across the the board shares of apple and intel dragging that index down. twitter launched a new tool to help americans track election 2012 called political engagement map that allows users to see which tweets are getting the biggest responses in each and every state. so the darker the color the more tweets it is getting. happy friday, larry, carolyn have a great weekend. see you back here. >> you too. >> should be a great weekend. warming up out there. >> doesn't feel like november. >> no. it doesn't. it going to feel less like november. we can see record high temperatures developing in the bay area, here is a live view now of miltd conditions. waiting for the warmer conditions, looking live from mount sutro over the bay, you can see mainly blue skies and high clouds is around. it's going to increase getting later into the evening hours. we're not looking for significant rainfall. certainly clouds will increase. here is a look at the situation developing on live doppler 7 hd. there is a weak frontal system sweeping into
improve her outcome. >> he kept reassuring me there are new technologies in place he yut rised that he would be able to make my result aesthetically pleasing and help regenerate some of the feeling in the chest area that was lost. >> that is where f?zy graphing comes in. it's been a huge change for us. >> we watched as he performed the procedure, surgeons placed implants under muscle tissue in the chest. they don't compensate for lost breast tissue. >> taking fat and injecting it under the skin renders it softer, more attractive. blood vessels grow into it. nerves grow through it. >> that fat is typically harvested from the stomach area, then pro us sesed into a syringe. >> this is 60. this is brilliant he says these injections help the graphs take hold and remain in place allowing surgeons to model the shapes.. >> i'm injecting deep into the muscle player. -- layer. >> when finished he said patients return to a shape nearly identical to their presurnlry form. >> what we're able to offer is !?b procedure. the breast can be replaced with a combination of implant and fat grafting that ha
tuesday morning. >> it is amazing just how much technology goes into forecasting this assembling all the data. it is just mind-blowing. >>> well, the usually noisy and bustling floors of the atlantic city casinos -- you're a natural at that. >> i like black jack. >> they are quiet this morning, ahead of sandy's arrival. only the fourth time since casinos came to atlantic city that they have been forced to close. >> wow. the last time was hurricane irene that. was august of last year. this resident lives right on the beach. he, of course, is worried about the waves. >> i'm really, really worried because they just told a friend of mine, they think it's going to hit the bay, the bay and the ocean is going to come together. >> the storm surge along some areas of the east is expected to be 11 feet or higher, and it was just made worse by the full moon. >> absolutely. hurricane sandy at this hour is still hundreds of miles offshore. but even from that distance, she has battered the coast of north carolina. fierce, unrelenting winds blew off the water all day sunday. and the rain that came
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Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)